Advantages of Group Practice


I think that the single biggest advantage that I identified is, that wasn’t apparent when I first started, is the reduction in stress of providing care. It actually takes you a little while to identify it. But, because you have colleagues, and not necessarily competitors or critics, things get easier to do and so as a gastroenterologist I have a patient that I has, you know, a cardiac problem I can find a colleague who will quickly, easily and enthusiastically help me with that problem.

And it’s so subtle, that helpfulness, is so subtle that you don’t really even notice it or realize it at first, that it's only after a while you realize how much easier it is to practice medicine in this environment then what my friends experience in their careers in other places.


Here at Guthrie, we appreciate the gravity of your decision in choosing a practice and understand the impact it has on the advancement of your clinical career and on your personal life. As the recruiter on this important search, I look forward to partnering with you to learn more about your career goals and to share with you more details about this opportunity.

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