Tradition and Values


When Dr. Donald Guthrie came here in 1910, he saw the need for multi-specialty care in this region and took the initiative to start something big. As a physician coming to Guthrie, you could start something big as well. There are extraordinary opportunities awaiting the right individuals. Many physicians that join Guthrie do so in a large part because of its location: close enough to populous cities but entrenched in a unique culture of its own that allows for a rewarding family life and meaningful community involvement.

As Guthrie continues to win awards and recognition for advancing the quality of healthcare for its patients, our physicians enjoy an even greater personal satisfaction in being able to have the best of both worlds.


Here at Guthrie, we appreciate the gravity of your decision in choosing a practice and understand the impact it has on the advancement of your clinical career and on your personal life. As the recruiter on this important search, I look forward to partnering with you to learn more about your career goals and to share with you more details about this opportunity.

I invite you to discover more about this position by calling me at (800) 724-1295.


Guthrie Physician

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