Why I Chose Guthrie


"I chose to join Guthrie because of the, what I call, the common intellect. "

"I chose Guthrie for the practice"

"...for the range of cases."

"...for the progressive organization."

"...for the geographic location."

"...would be for the comraderie."

"...for the relationship I have with my patients."

"...for the fit."

"...for the dedication to excellence."

"The opportunities are wonderful here."

"...the quality of life."

"...the work environment."

"...for a legacy."

"...for the team."

Discover your reason to choose Guthrie.


Here at Guthrie, we appreciate the gravity of your decision in choosing a practice and understand the impact it has on the advancement of your clinical career and on your personal life. As the recruiter on this important search, I look forward to partnering with you to learn more about your career goals and to share with you more details about this opportunity.

I invite you to discover more about this position by calling me at (800) 724-1295.


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